Micromechanics and microrheology of active matter

  • Positions: Ph.D., M.S., and undergraduate internships
  • Start date: Fall 2024 or after
  • Location: University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Supervisor: Dr. Zhiwei Peng
  • Method of inquiry: Theory and computation

We seek motivated students to join the Peng Group (est. 2024) in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta. We develop theoretical machinery and high-performance (CUDA-enabled) computational libraries to study the mechanics of soft and active matter. Topics of interest include transport, microrheology, fluctuations, and collective motion of soft and active matter. Candidates with a strong background and interest in Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, GPU computing, and/or Applied Mathematics are particularly encouraged to apply.

Active matter is a novel and exciting class of materials that include suspensions of motile bacteria, molecular motors, and synthetic self-propelled colloids. Potential applications of active matter include catalysis, chemical sensing, self-assembling intelligent materials, and targeted drug delivery. Interested candidates are encouraged to look through the attached references to gauge their interest in the field and fit for the position. For further information, please visit our web page at zhiweipeng.com.

Interested candidates should send their CV, a copy of their transcripts, and a brief description of their interests and motivation to Dr. Peng. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will receive a reply and incomplete inquires (e.g. missing CV) may not receive a reply.

For inquiries regarding postdoctoral positions, please email Dr. Peng and include your CV.